South African Safari

That’s right y’all. I went on a safari ^_^

On Saturday, my first full day in South Africa, I joined a guided tour to Addo Elephant National Park and Schotia Private Game Reserve. It was a small tour, just myself and three other young women. So that was really nice, not being in some huge crowded tour bus.

Addo National Park was started in 1931 with only 22 elephants and 2270 hectares (about 8.8 square miles) of land. Today, it boasts over 600 elephants and 164000 hectraes (633 square miles). It’s conservation efforts have also expanded to protect a variety of species, resulting in reintroduction of animals such as buffalo and lions. And boy did we see some elephants! Before we even entered the park we saw one on the side of the road. And we saw many many more throughout the day


I actually wrote down every thing we saw so I wouldn’t forget. Here’s my list:

  • Elephant
  • Vervet Monkeys
  • Red Heart Beast
  • Warthog
  • Zebra
  • African Buffalo
  • Black Headed Heron
  • Kudu
  • 2 Cheetahs lazing about by the Red Heart Beast carcass they took down earlier in the day
  • Eland

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After Addo we headed to Schotia for lunch and then more safari. We went to a private game reserve because national parks in South Africa can only reintroduce species that were historically present. A private reserve, however, can have animals that are adapted to the conditions in the area but weren’t necessarily there naturally. I think there may also have been fewer restrictions, by which I mean in Addo we had to stay inside the car all the time whereas in Schotia we were in an open air vehicle and got out to walk around a bit.


Our ride for the afternoon & evening

After driving around and seeing many wildebeest, antelope, elephants, and zebra, we stopped at a termite mound. Apparently they’re a great source of protein!

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My list for what we saw in Schotia is suuuuuuper long. There were so many different animals! And they all coexisted- antelopes and zebra all in the same fields to improve their safety. Here’s the list of what I saw:

  • Wildebeest
  • Red Antelope
  • Water Buck Antelope
  • Zebra
  • Inguni Oxen
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Brown Antelope
  • Nylaa Antelope
  • Kudu
  • Termites
  • Giraffes!
  • Elephants
  • Spring Buck (National Animal of SOuth Africa)
  • White Rhino
  • Reedbuck
  • Buffalo
  • Mountain Reed Buck
  • Sable Antelope
  • Lions!
  • Blesbuck
  • Spring Hare
  • Baby Crocodiles
  • Hippo

Sooooooo yeah. I saw a lot! Here are some pictures and videos I took 🙂




Giraffe! We got out of the vehicle to walk closer to these guys. Super cool!


White Rhino!

While watching the lions I kept thinking of Dash and how much he loves “Daddy Lions.” I tried to get some photos and videos to share with him, hopefully he enjoys them 🙂


Pretty much the whole day I kept thinking “Is this real life?” Scuba diving felt like The Little Mermaid and this safari felt like The Lion King. And it was just amazing.

More in a bit y’all, I think this is enough for one post. Sending love ❤

2 thoughts on “South African Safari

  1. You did not eat that termite—did you really eat a termite??? Don’t tell me it taste like chicken. Another amazing blog post.Thanks for sharing.


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