See Ya Later ‘Straya

Well folks, it’s done. My time in Australia is over. And after 30+ hours of planes and airports, I’ve made it to my hostel in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Before I talk about anything else, I got to say a few things about my time in Aus. In case you didn’t notice, I had a wonderful time the last 4 months. Yeah, there were tough times, but that’s life and would’ve happened anywhere. I met wonderful people and saw amazing things. I mean, how awesome is it that for months my morning runs included kangaroo sightings? And that I spent my days playing with the two cutest little boys? And all the great sights- the Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, etc. And let’s not forget diving along the Great Barrier Reef!

Goodness knows I couldn’t have done all of this without the kind and generous people who gave me a helping hand along the way. There are too many people to list, but you guys know who you are. I appreciate you, truly. I hope to one help wandering travelers as y’all have helped me.

There’s a week of stuff in Australia that I still have to post about, so expect that in a future #ThrowbackThursday post.

I want to quickly mention how fantastic my flights between Sydney and Port Elizabeth were. First I flew 14 hours to Abu Dhabi with the airline Emirates. Now, I always just book the absolute cheapest option, without paying much attention to the airline. And I had never flown Emirates before. Little did I know, they are a “Luxury Airline.” And boy, did I feel it!

First of all, I was the only person sitting in my row of three seats. It sounded like my seat mates didn’t show for the flight, but whatever the reason, I was able to streeeeeeeeeeeeetch oooooooooooout 🙂 I lifted all the arm rests and laid across all three seats. And I’m short enough to make that work. I was so comfortable, I slept for 10 hours with minimal disturbances.

We also got 2 meals and several rounds of snacks/drinks. Lemme tell you what, the entire time I was wondering if First Class felt this good!

After a 4 hour layover in Abu Dhabi, I hoped on another Emirates flight to Johannesburg. And would you believe it, the middle seat on my row was empty. And then the kid who was sitting at the aisle seat moved to seat closer to his friends (big school group traveling together) and, yet again, I had a row to myself. Livin’ the good life over here 🙂

When I landed in Johannesburg, however, it was time to run. Literally. I had less than 90 minutes to get from my plane to the next. Doesn’t seem too hard, expect that I also had to stop at immigration, pick up my checked bag, go through customs, and re-check my bag. Not an easy task. Involved quit a bit of running. But I made it! And so did my luggage! I got some help from a porter, without whom I likely would have missed the connection. And then just a short flight, 90 minutes, to Port Elizabeth.

Whelp, I’m quite tired. I apologize for any gross grammatical/spelling errors. Maybe I’ll come back and actually proof read this later. But now now, cause sleep.

I’ll check back in later y’all xxoo

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