#ThrowbackThursday Dash’s First Trip to the Climbing Gym- February 24

Pretty close to when I first arrived in Woodend, Juddie told the boys I rock climb. Once given this information, Dash would ask “Is that good climbing rock?” nearly every time we saw any sort of largish boulder or rock wall. It was very sweet! And then he started climbing the banister in the kitchen. So I took him to one of the rock climbing gyms in Melbourne. And we had a blast 🙂

The day started with grabbing a babycino for Dash and a hot chocolate for myself at our favorite local cafe, Il Caffé. We then hopped on the train to Melbourne.


I don’t know what it is, but I love sitting on trains and ferries drinking hot chocolate

Once in the city, we took a tram and then walked a bit until we arrived at Hardrock Climbing. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the place opened later on weekdays than weekends, so we got there before opening. But no worries! There was a big open courtyard nearby and the two of us ate lunch and raced from one end to the other until noon.

Once in the gym, Dash was a perfect little student, attentive and focused


Dash learning about climbing shoes and harnesses

Of course, the sillies came out soon enough!

Dash really liked pulling on the ropes so I couldn’t take my eyes off him. But we were there to climb, and climb he did! Dash was so excited to get up on the wall. He didn’t go very high, usually asking to be lowered when his feet were about five feet off the ground. But after some practice and encouragement, he went much higher! He didn’t reach the top of the wall, but that’s not the point.


Thanks so much for the awesome climber who took this picture! Him and his friends were very encouraging of Dash and his first day of climbing. 

It was a really great day. Definitely one of my fondest memories of Dash, his excitement to try rock climbing and his bravery in climbing higher.


Love this cutie ❤

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