Old Friends in New Places



Hanna, Alex, and myself having Golden Gay Times

Hanna and Alex, that’s who! Y’all, I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it’s been since I arrived in Sydney and met up with these two wonderful friends. Alex and I honestly don’t talk very often and we rarely hung out after high school. But when I messaged him a couple months ago to ask if he wanted to meet up while I was in Sydney, he offered up his home for me to stay in. And when I arrived last night we started talking and just didn’t stop. It’s so amazing to realize that, yes, our friendship is one that stays strong and true even without constant contact. It’s good to know that some things don’t change.

Hanna flew in this morning and I met her at the airport. I wanted to make sure I was there when she got through customs, so I maaaaaaaaay have gotten to the airport way too early. But after a bit of waiting, I saw her beautiful face enter the arrivals hall. Goodness I am so happy 🙂

The three of us spent a long time just talking in Alex’s apartment this morning. Eventually we did manage to leave, Alex to work for the afternoon and Hanna and I to walk around Bondi Beach.


We meant to go for a long walk along the coast but ended up getting distracted by the way ocean waves crashed against the rocks. We talked about everything, the way best friends do after a long absence. Because, well, we’re best friends and we haven’t seen each other in months.

Goodness it feels good to catch up.

One really wonderful thing about talking to Hanna is I don’t have to constantly provide back story.





After the beach Hanna and I headed back to Alex’s. He and his flatmates made dinner and afterwards Hanna, Alex, and I yet again started talking and just kept on going.

Wonderful first day in Sydney! Sending love ❤

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