Wrapping Up New Zealand

Alrighty folks, my flight leaves in 3 hours 20 minutes and I gotta catch a bus to the airport in 20. But first, I would like to put down what I did my last few days in this beautiful country.

Tuesday I woke early to do laundry. It was unnecessarily complicated and took forever, but I did end up with clean clothes. I then got a ride up to Tata Beach in Golden Bay and met up with my couchsurfing host from the other night (Hamish) and another traveler (Katie).


Weird trees by Tata Beach

The three of us spent what was left of the afternoon laying out on the beach and swimming in the freezing water. But damn, it felt good! My clothes didn’t dry (thank goodness I thought to bring a change) but it was so worth it. After submerging my entire body in the ocean I felt like I had just received the best head massage of all time. And just chatting on the beach with good people was fun. There was lots of laughter 🙂



Ends up, Golden Bay is so named because the sand sparkles like gold. Crazy, right? I wish I could have captured this effect on camera, but it was pretty mesmerizing. Redminded me of the elevator in the Center for the Arts at Towson University. The floor of that elevator was black with millions of tiny silver sparkles. Sometimes, if I looked down on it too long, I would get dizzy. The ocean floor was like that, only gold instead of silver. I could have knelt in the water looking at the glitter all day.

I got a ride back to Motueka with my friends and boy was it beautiful. I’d love to do a looooooooooooooooooong road trip around New Zealand.


The White Elephant, the hostel I stayed at for two nights in Motueka. Such a quaint, peaceful, happy place! I couldn’t resist altering the colors for the photo 🙂

I went to bed early Tuesday to awake a 6am Wednesday. I packed up my things, called a good friend back home, and then made my way back to Christchurch. It took most of the day to get here, but I made it and rewarded myself with tacos. Okay, so maybe I was just craving tacos. Like, a lot. So very very very much. I typed “tacos” into google maps and it brought me to a restaurant around the corner from my hostel called Mexicano’s. They didn’t make Mexican like I would, but what I got did scratch the itch. AND their sangrias tasted like my mom’s.


I -may- have missed it the first time and walked riiiiiiiiiight past

So now for today, Thursday. I was actually very responsible this morning. I called human resources for Prince George’s County Public Schools to see how my application was doing processing-wise. Ends up its doing well! So far no complications 🙂 Woohoo! I’m on the train to full-time employment, hopefully I make it to the end of the line 🙂

After a good talk with my mom I organized my things and went for a walk around Christchurch. I wandered into the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful. However, there is construction nearby and a large lawn mower on the property, so it was not the peaceful oasis it could have been. I tried sitting down and reading a book but the roar of the mower’s engine and the high pitched “eeeee-oooooo-eeeeee-ooooo-eeeeee-oooooo” coming from the construction site carried across the garden and annoyed me to no end. So I found a cafe and ordered lunch instead.


New Zealand World Peace Bell- A really cool project that you can read more about here


Things seen in Christchurch

Well, I better grab my things and catch that bus now. See y’all in Australia ❤

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