Quiet Days

Update: I added photos/video/hyperlink!

So the last few days have been chill. Tiring, but chill. And the hostel I’m staying in tonight has terrible wifi, so pics ain’t happening. Sorry y’all, hopefully I’ll add some later. Also I’m really tired… So here’s the short of the last few days 🙂

Wednesday I visited the Museum of New and Old Art, or MONA, a stellar museum in Hobart.


Grapes growing outside of MONA


View from a platform outside of MONA



One of the installations at MONA


Thursday was spent packing and later flying. I had a quick flight to Melbourne, a layover, and then a flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. Because of how the flights and layover lined up, I pretty much got no sleep last night.

After landing in Christchurch I headed for St. Arnaud, a small town towards the north of NZ’s south island. The scenery had been amazing.

I met up with Anja, a girl from Slovenia who I’m spending the next several days with. We’re going hiking and camping 🙂

Alright, I seriously need some sleep. NZ is beautiful, expect amazing photos next time 🙂

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