Hobart, Tasmania

Hey y’all! The last 3 days I have been in Hobart. I flew in early Wednesday morning. Once here, I met up with a few other travelers. We wandered around Hobart until we found the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Not only was it a free museum, it was pretty cool! I checked out the information on the flora/fauna of Tasmania, the aboriginal culture, the intersection of the English and the natives. Interesting stuff!


This teapot, titled Lip Service, was in an exhibition called Same but Different. It featured many normal objects expressed in different forms. For instance, there were several chairs, each from a different culture and time period. This was my favorite item on display. 

Shannon, one of the girls I met up with, and I then met up with Majid, a couchsurfing host. He drove us to his place and we had a FANTASTIC time getting to know each other. Shannon and I sync up SO CRAZY WELL. It was a little ridiculous. She plans on traveling around the States in a couple years and I will most def meet up with her.

Thursday Shannon and I went to Fern Tree and started hiking around Mt. Wellington. We did quite a bit of wandering around the mountain and, after much bonding, made it to the top. I gotta say, I’m quite pleased with my layers. Through the cold and wind atop the mountain I stayed warm in my North Face long sleeve shirt and Columbia fleece. I only started getting cold after sitting for over an hour. And I’m pretty sure if I had put on my rain jacket I would have been fine.


The top of Mt. Wellington! You can see Hobart and the surrounding suburbs in the distance. Photo cred: Shannon


Would you just LOVE to be soaring above this view?

This morning Shannon, Majid, and i woke up before 6am to drive back up to the top of Mt. Wellington for the sunrise. We were well rewarded for our early morning 🙂

While it was 0.1 degrees celsius and the wind was blowing at 44km/hour, the view was completely worth it. We could take a quick picture and then stick our hands back in our pockets before out fingers froze. I did take a video of the view- it really doesn’t do justice to reality and the wind is crazy loud. But here it is anyways:


Shannon and I atop Mt. Wellington for the sunrise. Photo cred: Majid


Couchsurfing host Majid. Wonderful guy, he’s been driving us around and cooking us food. Thanks Majid!

After the sunrise Majid drive us back to his place. Shannon and I went for a run and then both packed for our next adventure. We sadly said goodbye (we were such fast friends) and then I met up with Greg, a local rock climber. He took me out to Waterworks, a crag basically in the city. He had organized a big climbing session that was mostly made up of students at the local uni. I met many new people, including a girl who has offered to join me for a trip to the Peninsula on Tuesday and lend me her bike on Wednesday. Oh, and she’s from Florida.


New friend Greg belaying other new friend Caleb

We spent most of the day climbing and then headed to a pub. I’m spending the night at his place along with a couple other climbers. Tomorrow we will embark on a climbing/hiking adventure across Tasmania!

It’s been a great day, and it’s not over yet! There’s a fire going, pizza has arrived, and the drinks are cold. I’m going to stop being anti-social now and join the party. I am so so so sorry for spelling an grammar errors, this post is unedited.

Sending love to all!


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