Leaving Woodend

Today I leave Woodend.

Or really, I am leaving it. I’ve left it? Tense is confusing on trains guys. Cause that’s where I’m writing this from. The train to Melbourne.

My domestic country life has ended. I gave Dash and Orlando as many hugs and kisses I could today. And they both were wonderful for our last goodbye- I got biiiiig hugs and lots of sloppy kisses ❤

I’m going to miss those boys. Shit, I already miss those boys. I miss all the people I met out here.

The last couple of days have been full of goodbyes. Sunday I said good bye to Maria and Daniel. Monday I said goodbye to Godfrey. And today was good bye to Juddie and the boys.

Between all of that I packed my things. And let me tell you what, I hated packing to leave. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you have a deadline on a paper coming up and you know you should really start working on it but you just can’t bring yourself to do so? That’s how I felt packing. Every bit of shampoo I squeezed into a 3oz container and every shirt I folded reminded me I don’t know when I’ll see these people or this place again.

So, instead of packing last night, I went to sleep. With the light on.

I finally finished organizing my things and the room that once was mine around 1:45 this afternoon.

I posted home 16kg worth of items I don’t want to carry around across 4 continents. And yet my bag still feels overly heavy. Oh well. If I realize there’s something I really don’t need I’ll just ship it home later.

Tonight I’m staying with Lita (who you may remember from my trip to the Grampians) and joining her to a comedy show. Tomorrow I fly to Hobart, Tasmania.

Here’s to new places, new friends, and new adventures. Hopefully the next three months will be as good as the last three.

Sending out love, especially to those I’m leaving behind in Victoria ❤


2 thoughts on “Leaving Woodend

  1. My heart breaks for all your good-byes, my dear Megan. In this year of discovery, you have seen and experienced things most of us only dream. But …. you can’t connect to the people and place without leaving a part of yourself behind. I think we all are going to miss those two very special little boys. Love to Dash,Orlando, Juddie, Godfrey and everyone who made you feel so at home. God speed.


  2. We’ll miss you too! The boys still call me Megan so it’s kinda like you’re still here 😉
    We’re really excited for your forthcoming adventures so do keep in touch xxx J


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