Planning, Playing, and Penguins

My head is in full on planning mode. My thoughts go between lists of what I’m shipping home, hostel research, finding people to meet up with, etc. etc. Before I bought plane tickets it was overwhelming. But now that I know I have a way to get everywhere and that I’m going home eventually I am just excited- everything will work out!


How I plan

For instance, I leave for Tassie (short for Tasmania and pronounced “Tazzee), on Wednesday and just today received confirmation from a girl that she’ll rent a car with me for the week I’m there for some road tripping. And now I’m going to message a couple of rock climbers in Tas, research places to see… So exciting!

Anyways, I’m constantly checking my phone for messages from friends or responses to my posts on public forums/facebook groups. Every spare moment is spent looking up possible trains. Or calling parks for more information. Or, or, or, or basically anything to do with figuring out where I’m going and what I’ll do for the next several months.

Between all the planning I’m spending as much time as possible with Dash and Orlando. As excited as I am to move on to the next part of this wild adventure, I am going to miss those little boys very much.

But what fun we’ve had this week! We’ve gone into the city for lunch, we walked around Mt. Macedon again, we’ve had countless tickle fights… It’s been very fun.


Isn’t that the cutest mountain climber you ever did see? From our walk around Mt. Macedon.


Kangaroos in front of Hanging Rock


Dash and I made a Lego Triceratops!

On Tuesday, after lunch, Juddie headed back to Woodend with the boys and I stayed in the city to sort out a new phone and to meet up with Daniel. I met him at Southern Cross around half 4 and then we grabbed a tram towards St. Kilda, a beach neighborhood. Every night around sunset, at the end of a pier, Little Penguins swim out and hang on the rocks. Obviously I didn’t want to miss the chance to see real live wild penguins! And I didn’t 🙂 The penguins were adorable and the sunset was gorgeous. Definitely a good evening!


St. Kilda Sunset

Godfrey’s sister Ellie and her boy friend Dianko are staying with us right now. Dianko is a chef (he owns a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio actually- now on my list of places to check out!) and made us an AMAZING dinner last night.


“It’s just lamb chops”- says the chef

That’s pretty much been my week! Thanks for reading y’all ❤

5 thoughts on “Planning, Playing, and Penguins

  1. So I think the reunion is in San Antonio. How cool would it be if we all showed up on his doorstep. He’ll write back to Godfrey and Juddie that they met the sane one. 🙂


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