Falling Off the Wagon

So guys, I fell off the wagon. And I didn’t just like, bounce off and jump back on. Nope. I kinda rolled off, gently, and then liked the feel of the ground so much I didn’t even try to chase it and get back on. I mean, I pretended to try. I told myself I was trying. But really I wasn’t.

And I’ve decided to let the 31 Days of Yoga and my accompanying daily blogging wagon to roll on without me. While I am a bit disappointed in myself, I’ve come to terms with the decision. And it was a decision. I decided to prioritize yoga and blogging below other activities, like sleeping and planning future travel.

A week ago or so I started watching John Green’s 100 Days Youtube Channel. Basically, he and his best friend Chris are trying to have a healthy mid-life crisis. Their goals are based around exercising, eating healthy, and meditating. Watching someone who I admire intellectually push himself to do something so physically difficult is incredibly inspiring. Even though the videos started in January, I went to the beginning and have watched every single upload. One video in particular stuck with me- Self Kindness with Rosianna. She said what works for you as a work out this week doesn’t have to work for you next week. And that’s okay.

I’ve realized that 31 day challenges don’t work for me. This is now the third I’ve tried. Each time, I’m really good at working out every day with one or two exceptions through the end of the third week. And then I just stop. I lose motivation, I lose interest. And the worst part is I feel like if I’m going to workout, I have to do the challenge workout. So I end up not working out at all.

I would like, however, to complete all the videos in Adriene’s series. But I’ve decided to do them when I want to. And on other days I’ll do calisthenics, or swimming, or even a different Yoga With Adrienne video. I think this will get be back to working out consistently because the last couple weeks have been rough.

As for the blogging, as much as I love it, I was getting waaaaaay too stressed. I know I wrote about this before and while I’ve resolved most of the stressers (as in I finally bought plane tickets everywhere and have figured out when I’m seeing people), preparing a blog post every day was just too much. I could spend 8 hours a day working on my travel plans, my job applications for the fall, and my  blog. Since I am working as an au pair and trying to experience as much as I can, my sleep was suffering. Something has to give. I’ve decided to prioritize trip planning and applying to jobs.

I want to create a more sustainable blogging balance. Because I really really really really love it. Like, I have decided multiple times to work on my blog instead of going for a run. And I always choose working on the blog over watching Netflix.

My plan is to upload a post every Tuesday and Friday that talk about the few days prior. I will so my best to have some filler pieces (think “Things I’ve Learned” or “A Bit of Truth”) ready to go for when I’m unable to write or upload a story piece. Thursdays will have the occasional #ThrowbackThursday post about something I did but didn’t get blog about for one reason or another. And if I write something I feel very strongly about I’ll probably just upload it immediately.

I’ve struggled since I started this blog to make it consistent. I’m hoping the Tuesday-Friday regular posting will work for me and the life I’m going to lead over the next few months. Wish me luck ❤


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4 thoughts on “Falling Off the Wagon

  1. Sometimes the best plan of action is to take the best parts of other plans – tried-and-true – and combine them to fit the circumstances. Yoga is personal. Blogging is personal.


  2. As always, sweet Megan, you inspire. I too have trouble finding balance between blogging and writing. There is this constant pressure I live with to get that next book out while keeping my readers somewhat entertained, engaged. What I have learned about balance is that it’s okay to just close my laptop, shut everything down. Healthy eating, eight solid hours of sleep at night, and at least four hugs from those sweet little boys a day—you will have no trouble finding balance for everything else. ILYWOSMH!


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