March 24th

Today Orlando was in childcare so Dash and I went into Melbourne for some, you guessed it, rock climbing! This was Dash’s second time to the gym and he was quite excited. Interestingly, he did less climbing and didn’t get as high on the wall this time. Oh well, he’s four (nearly five), there’s no rush to the top of the wall (for anyone, actually, regardless of age or any other metric).

Dash was actually super wonderful and sat quietly eating snacks and looking at his books while I did a couple of the auto-belay climbs. It was really nice to get a couple of climbs in! And it was a different challenge, stabilizing myself and peer around the corner to check on Dash every 10 seconds.

After climbing, we took some trams towards the Botanic Gardens. We walked through the Shrine of Remembrance, which is a beautiful monument.

As we crossed the street from the Shrine to the Gardens, a plane started growing louder and closer. We quickly realized it was a jet and it was very very very close. Like, right above us close.

Then we saw the jet start to do all sorts of loop de loops and other tricks. It was quite the show! And even though the jet would leave, it came back a few times. Ends up it was associated with the Grand Prix that’s in Melbourne this weekend.

While this display was super cool, poor Dash had a hard time with the loudness. He found it very unsettling. We ended up going into the gift shop at the Botanic Gardens. We smelled some soaps and looked a pretty pictures. The poor kid did not want to go back outside. I remembered a friend of mine was at the Grand Prix, so I texted him and was able to get confirmation that the jet planes were done for the day. That calmed Dash right down and we headed home 🙂

I’ll be adding pictures and videos later, so check back if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading ❤

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