March 23rd- Happy Birthday Bro!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ‘STRAYLIA MARTY! You’re the best big brother in the world. You’ve always looked after me and been there when I needed you. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and the person you’ve grown into. You’re the smartest person I know and I love you. Hope your birthday is fantastic ❤


So, admittedly, this is being posted a week after his birthday. But it’s okay. I called him today (March 23rd, not the day this actually gets posted). I may have been a day early on his end, but it’s his birthday on my side of the globe so I’m celebrating. Wiiiiiiiiiith bikkies(Australian for biscuits, which is Australian for cookies)


Today Dash went to kinder so Orlando and I hung out. We made magic wands and sang about the green grass growing all around.



In the afternoon we went to Dash’s kinder to watch the Easter Hat Parade. So very very adorable.

After we got ice cream from the lolli shop in town. Their chocolate ice cream is amaaaaaaaaazing.

To make up for the past two days without yoga, I did two videos today for an hour long practice. The first one was Revolution – Day 17 – Practice Stillness. My mind has been nonstop recently so this practice was very quieting for me. It was exactly what I needed. I wish I didn’t wait until today to do it. Procrastinating on these practices only hinders me. I hope I’ve learned my lesson this time around.

I followed stillness with Revolution – Day 18 – Balancing Practice. This was all about finding stability. About grounding. All those thoughts spinning around in my head? While stillness helped me find peace, balance helped me find clarity. A great combination. I may return to these videos in the future when my mind spins again.

A lot more happened today, but it’s all to do with my heart. So I’m going to publish it as a separate post a few hours after this one. The tone just isn’t right to pair with pictures of the lovable Dash and Orlando.

Stand tuned y’all, there’s more coming.

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