March 22nd

Wednesday. Mostly just cleaned. Did not work out at all… My mood levels are low guys :/ (Note: low mood levels is not the same as being unhappy)

I did talk to my mom today on the phone! Ends up my grandma isn’t the only one reading my blog, she reads it too. Love you mom!

I did make a cute face with the kids’ dinner plates. So that was fun 🙂


Tomorrow has more interesting stuff, I promise. Love ya!

P.S. Thinking back on this day, a week later, I realize that I probably just needed a couple days off. I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself. Even though I haven’t been running as much as I used too, my time has been pretty filled. Mental exhaustion does contribute to physical exhaustion. And yeah, I may have felt less tired with a run. But I did need a rest day. I’m glad I figured this out. Thanks for the help, Adriene. Your #forgivenesspractice really got my mind going on this.

Sending love to all y’all that took precious time to read my uneventful post ❤

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