March 20th

After a bit of a sleep in this morning, I had a great time with Revolution – Day 15 – Fearless Practice. This practice was, as Adriene said, fierce. And while I didn’t successfully do crow pose, I did make strides in being about to.

I thought I had taken a photo this morning, but now I can’t find it soooooooo I guess I imagined it. Whoops. Unlike last night were it was a conscious decision to not take a photo, this time was completely an accident, I promise.

I wandered the city a bit, even stopped in to Bogong, the outdoor store where Lita works. We talked for a while and discussed some tentative plans to hang out. Then I bought a solar charger, which I am super excited about 🙂


Blue Sky City Vibes


Yes, in Australia McDonald’s is called Maccas

Because it’s Melbourne I sat for a bit at a café. Yet again the hot chocolate was beautiful.


I also had some pancakes and bacon, but I often get too excited about food to remember to take a picture. Just imagine golden pancakes on a white plate with thick cut bacon on top. There ya go. See? It was beautiful. Tasted even better.

Because Melbourne public transportation, the 1 hour train ride back to Woodend took 2 hours. Which was good, because it gave me tons of time to work on these posts. Bad, because it meant by the time I could go for a run it was nearing dark. And raining.

But let’s talk about how GOOD that run felt! Had my head lamp on, rain drops to cool me down. Man, it felt amazing. I thought I was only going to do 30 minutes but I was having so much fun it turned into an hour. Yeeeeeah runners high 🙂

And you know, I really needed that boost. It was a pretty lonely day. But more on that later.

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