March 19th

I took SO MANY photos today. Instead of putting them all in here, I’m going to upload them in individual photo sets later.

For all that I struggle to get out of bed early in the morning, once I’m outside and breathing in that morning air and seeing the world with early light I am so very happy. I think the world is most beautiful in the first hour of sun. So I took a lot of photos while walking in the city 🙂 Hope you enjoy then as much as I do!


Why was I up early? Well if you read yesterday’s post you would know!

Lol, just teasing :p I doubt anyone (other than you, Grandma, cause you’re the best) actually reads all of these posts. I bet 90% of people just scroll through and look at the pictures. Honestly, if I wasn’t the one writing them, I’d only look at the pictures too.


I was walking to a meeting point for one of those guided-bus tours. So I met up with a group of 14 other 20-somethings new to Melbourne and we hopped on a bus and headed towards The Great Ocean Road.


We went to a few places I’ve already been, like Apollo Bay and Mait’s Rest. So I actually found most of the morning pretty boring. Everyone was sleepy when we boarded so no one was really mingling. Even when we did start talking a bit it fizzled out quickly. Aaaaaawkward

But by the time we got to the part that was new for me we all started chatting more and opening up. I largely spoke to/wandered the sights two people- Nisha and Ben. The first stop that really interested me was the Twelve Apostles. I’ve been wanting to see these rock formations for a while. I mean, just look at them! They are absolutely stunning!


Unfortunately, the area was absolutely packed with tourists. It was actually kinda stressful. And it all felt superficial. Go to a place, strike a pose, snap a photo, head out. Check it off that little box. All I wanted to do was sit away from the crowds and breathe in the spirit of the place.


But our drive said 45 minutes or we’d be left, so I only had 45 minutes. I could’ve spent hours there. I could’ve spent hours at the next two stops too for that matter.

We went to Loch Ard Gorge next. So named for the  the ship Loch Ard, which met an unfortunate end nearby. Only two aboard survived, a 15 year old boy who washed up into the gorge and a 17 year old girl who he managed to pull from the water. I would’ve loved to spend a morning on that beach, swimming some, reading some.

But no. Haaaaad to move on.

Checked out a couple other view points near the gorge and then headed back towards the Twelve Apostles and walked down Gibson Steps.

A mist had come over the region, shrouding the rocks in the distance. The contrast of the vibrant blue water with the bright white foam and mist was impossible to look away from.

As I got tired of feeling overheated, I set down my shoes and ran for the water. Jumping in those waves was by far my rose for the day. Another activity I could’ve done for hours.

I was very sad to go from this beach. I think we all were. While we had been pretty good about returning to the bus on time at all the other stops, at this one we pushed the envelope as far as we could. Leaving was hard.

I really want to return to these spots. I doubt I’ll be able to on this trip to Australia though. OH NO. I GUESS I HAVE TO COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA ONE DAY

We headed back towards Melbourne, but not without stopping for snacks. I got a Golden Gaytime

Yup, you read that right

I spent the bus ride catching up on these posts (almost caught up with all the writing!
Just have to edit the photos). Once in the city Ben, Nisha, and I went out in search of Dumplings.

We were successful 🙂


Nisha eating steamed dumplings

Working up the motivation to do some yoga after such a long day was real tough. But I did it! Revolution – Day  14 – Forgiveness Practice was my workout for the night. I’m starting to feel stronger. Downward Dog is not nearly as difficult right off the bat and I’m really tuned in to my breath. Go yoga! I don’t have a picture from tonight, sorry. Between the late hour, being tired, and honestly just not feeling great about my appearance in that moment, I didn’t take a photo.

For all the stress with crowds and fear of starting a conversation with strangers, I had a really good day. Finally saw the Twelve Apostles in person, met some new friends, and did over 20,000 steps. So I really can’t complain ^_^

Thanks for reading, love ya xoxo

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