March 18th

Saturday mornings at the Boyd house are usually pretty relaxed. It helps that the adults out number the kids 🙂 Normally I play with the boys until their swimming lessons at 10:30, but the car had a flat tire which had to be resolved. So instead of swimming, Juddie and I took the boys to a fair being held at the local Catholic school. The school itself is a beautiful building and it has a very large field, perfect for setting up carnival rides
and market booths. But a large field meant no shade. And that Australian sun is hot. But while Juddie and I melted, Dash and Orlando had a great time on the rides and playing around the fire trucks.


Our happiness levels in the sun

One of the things that I love most about Woodend is the community. It seemed like Juddie and the boys knew every person at the fair. Heck, even I knew a ton of people just from meeting friends of the Boyds’ over the last couple of months. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. People here really take care of each other and it is beautiful.

After the fair Juddie and Godfrey took the boys to a birthday party.  It was too hot to run, so I did my daily yoga and then took Bing for a walk.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty standard- play with children, trick them into cleaning, bath time, and dinner time. The only difference was I had a 7:37 train to catch!

Juddie kindly put some dinner into a container for me to take to-go and I left with 7 minutes to get to the station. Good thing too, cause the train was pulling up just as I stepped onto the platform.

Train Vibes- Every since I saw this episode of The Art Assignment, I’ve been really interested in reflections

Sunset from the train

I’m staying the night with Juddie’s sister so I can hop on a tour bus to the Great Ocean
Road early tomorrow morning. Expect lots of pictures tomorrow 🙂

Love, xoxo

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