March 16th

Sometimes things are too beautiful to ruin with a photograph. Like this morning’s sunrise. One day I’ll wash my windows and then I’ll take a photo from my bed as the sun comes over the mountain. But for today, you’ll just have to trust me. If I’ve left my blinds open over night, the morning light often gently wakes me. From my pillow I can only see trees, but when I sit up Mount Macedon enters my view. Framed by the light brown wood on the window, I watched as the sky turned orange, yellow, and pink. The colors bleeded into one another. It was one of those sunrises that help bring realism to the paintings of yesterday’s masters.

I closed my eyes for a moment and they sky turned back to dusty blue and light gray. So I pulled clothes on and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Dash went to kinder so I planned a special day for Orlando- rock climbing! I took Dash a few weeks ago and he LOVED it. As Orlando likes to do everything Dash does but with less fear (it’s a younger sibling thing), I was sure Orlando would love going to the rock climbing gym. So I packed some snacks and we headed out.


Just look at the backpack! 

First stop was Il Caffe, conveniently down the street from the house and across from the train station. I grabbed a hot chocolate and Orlando got an ice cream (lucky boy!).


We went to grab the train only to discover that, yet again, the trains were being funny so they sent us a bus instead. Oh joy…

A tram and a walk later we arrived at the gym. While waiting for the doors to open, a young woman came up, clearly going to the climbing gym as well. We struck up a conversation and ends up she was from California! Here for a couple weeks while her girlfriend was at a work conference. I’m really good at meeting people on business trips at this gym- 3 for 4 actually.

When Orlando and I went into the gym, the kid took one look at the walls and said “I want to go home.”


He was pretty insistent so we left. Climbing is something no one should be forced to do. If he’s not interested, he’s not interested. So we went to a nearby courtyard and had lunch. I was hoping his mind would change and he would at least be willing to walk around the gym and watch other climbers, but not luck. So we walked a few blocks to the gardens outside the Melbourne Musuem. Orlando had a grand time playing around a small duck pond by a huuuuge tree.


Huuuuuuuug tree!


Fishing at the duck pond


Duck pond adventures

I taught him an old camp song- The Green Grass Grows All Around (shout out to my Hong Kong Bitter Gourds- was thinking of y’all the whole time <3). Orlando is so adorable when he sings ^_^ We sang it for Juddie, Godfrey, and Dash at dinner (Orlando’s request) and he was grinning from ear to ear. Juddie and I are going to try to record the song sometime.

On the walk back to a tram stop I appreciated the architecture. I really love the aesthetic of Melbourne.



Dat molding tho

I’ve started telling the boys how much I’m going to miss them when I have to leave in a month. Orlando keeps responding with “Noooooooo you’re coming home with me!” Which is oh-so-lovable. But hopefully he’ll start to understand soon. Dash seems to ignore the statement, but he seems to process things internally.

Worked through Revolution – Day 11 – Align Practice today.


Since Monday night I’ve been spending every spare moment writing these posts and editing photos. With the technology fail last week I am frantically playing catch up. My sleep schedule has transitioned to bed sometime around eleven or midnight and awake just before seven, potentially with a nap in the middle of the day. Because the days are growing shorter, I still enjoy the sunrise every morning.

Well, I guess this post has come full circle now. More tomorrow


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