March 15th

Still struggling with uploading pictures y’all

Update: Added photo/video 😀

So when I first got to Aus I would wake up at 6am every morning and run. Now, the sun was already up this early and its rays would gently wake me. But as the days have shortened, and as I was up til midnight trying to get the first of these 31 Days post up, I set my alarm for 6:45 with the plan of not actually getting out of bed until 7:15.

Well, plans are made to be destroyed. By 3 year olds. At ten til six in the morning.

Now, my bedroom is upstairs and usually the boys can’t get there because of the dog gate at the bottom of the steps. And usually my door is closed when I’m sleeping. But last night Slinky (the cat) was in my room so I left the door open for her. And this morning Orlando moved a chair so he could climb over the gate.

I woke up to strange thumping sounds coming up the stairs. Since it was still pitch dark outside, I was pretty confused. But I thought maybe Juddie couldn’t sleep and decided to get some work on a project done. But then the thumping noise entered my room, which is definitely something Juddie would not do. So I opened my eyes, rolled to face the door, and there was Orlando. Cheeky, cheeky Orlando.

He wanted me to come down and have breakfast with him, but I managed to convince him to come lay down in my bed instead. I gotta say, I couldn’t even be upset. I don’t know if I was too tired to be mad or if he’s too cute to be mad at. Anyways, I managed to at least close my eyes for a few minutes. But then Orlando wanted to go star gazing. He didn’t know it, but I really can’t resist the offer to star gaze, especially if there’s a cute boy involved. And Orlando is the cutest. And that’s how I ended up star gazing at 6am this morning 🙂

No pictures, sorry. The iphone 4 is not the best camera (how I miss my LG G4!). And it’s really a shame, because this morning there was a 22 degree halo. Or, a perfect ring of light circling the moon. Probably my favorite sky-based phenomenon ever since I first saw one on the night of my 13th birthday party. I was stunned then and I am always amazed. The ring of light is caused by the refraction of moonlight through ice crystals in the atmosphere. But while there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the ring, the effect is otherworldly.

So really, I can’t be upset at all with Orlando. How he happened to drag me out of bed to look at the stars on a morning when my favorite optical phenomenon was occurring I don’t know. Kid magic?

And that was the high light of my day. Since it’s Wednesday, both boys were in child care. I did some cleaning, some laundry, and some much needed napping. Just before picking up the boys from child care I did Revolution – Day 10 – Thoughtful Practice. I’ve noticed my breathing is improving and the big-picture ideas Adriene talks about are starting to make sense.

I took the boys to the park for a bit. They found a huge branch that had recently fallen to the ground (most likely from the high winds we’ve been experiencing the last few nights). A direct quote from Dash as he ventured into the leaves “Come with us Megan, it’s going to be an adventure!” How can I resist that invitation?


During/after dinner we sang an old camp favorite of mine- Baby Shark. I’ve sung this with the boys before and they LOVE it. We sang it several times this evening and Juddie actually captured one on video. It’s below, I’m sure it’ll give you a smile ^_^

Before bedtime, Juddie put on a yoga video for the kids. She found this great channel called Cosmic Kids that uses stories to get kids to engage in yoga. The instructor is perfect. The stories are little adventures that end peacefully- perfect for getting out the last bit of energy and then calming down before bed. I highly recommend checking it out if you have young kids. We’re going to try doing one most, if not every, night. Wish us luck!

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