March 11th

Our tents were nicely situation beneath tall eucalyptus
trees so the sun did not force an early wake-up. I naturally awoke before seven
but rolled back over to replenish the sleep debt from Thursday night. A bit
after eight I pulled on a jumper (Aussie for sweatshirt) and went outside to
see if Lita or Casey was out and about. Seeing neither of my new friends moving
around the camp, I grabbed my book and read under a tree 🙂

Mid-morning we piled into the car and headed towards a
mountain range in the south. It took us well over an hour to drive to the trail
head for our intended crag, but it went fast with scenery and conversation. Gear
on our backs we delved into the Australian bush.

I now understand why it’s called bush and not wilderness.
While Australian bushland is certainly wild, the thickness of the vegetation
was astonishing, especially in such a dry climate. Despite the heat I was
missing my high top hiking boots and canvas Aborwear pants.

Countless scratches and pricks later and a few hundred feet
higher, we arrived at the base of our crag. It was almost one so I pretty much
demanded a lunch break. I don’t deal well with hungry… We sat on a large
boulder with a flat top that sloped dramatically towards the flatlands we hiked
in from. Nothing quite like eating lunch with a gorgeous view 🙂

Unfortunately, the afternoon went downhill after lunch. By
which I mean we did a lot of looking for routes, climbing to the top of a
ridge, and no actual rock climbing.

See, Lita, Casey, and I met through a Facebook group of rock
climbers in the Melbourne area. Neither LIta or I have the proper gear for
outdoor trips (ropes, trad rack, etc.). Casey has all the necessary gear.
However, there was a miscommunication in exactly what gear Casey possesses. So
Lita and I went out expecting to sport and trad climb while Casey really only
had the right stuff for top roping. This resulted in us going to a crag that
pretty much only had trad climbs. Oops.

We tried to find a route to the top to set up a top rope,
but there really was no safe way to get up with the gear we had. So after much
searching, we made some jokes, took in the view, and headed back to the car. Since
it was such a long drive back to our campground we knew we had lost our
climbing window for the day.

I was pretty disappointed. I mean, at this point I know I’m
two days behind in my yoga videos, I’m going to be late starting my blogging
goal, and now my two days of climbing in the gramps have been flops. And yet, I
still had a great time that day. We saw no
out at the crag. The land was beautiful, the air delicious, and the
company very enjoyable. I did a short scouting hike on my own up to the top of
the ridge and took a moment at the top to just appreciate the view. While not
what I expected, the day was undoubtedly still happy.

During the drive back to the campground we saw an emu cross
the road. Mah first wild emu sighting! I was surprised by how much the bird
reminded me of a peacock. It moved like a large-bodied, long-legged,
brown-feathered peacock.

We also hit a kangaroo :/ They are worse than deer, let me
tell you what. The one we hit had already jumped into the bush, away from the road, and suddenly turned
around and hopped right in front of us. It got up and hopped away, but we’re
all fairly certain he had a limp. I hope he’s okay, but I doubt he has much
longer in his life.

Once back at camp I went for a short run. I found a couple
of 4WD tracks that were great fun to jump around.

I haven’t been able to charge my phone since it died last
night so I took zero pictures today. But I think I’m getting some pictures from
Casey later so I’ll add some to this post if any fit. So scroll down to this
post in a few days to check for photos 🙂

Love y’all xxoo

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