March 10th


Because I procrastinated packing like it was my job and the iphone I’m using was being difficult, I went to sleep at about 2am last night. But to make my train this morning I had to be up before 6. Ooooh yeah sleep deprivation 🙂 

Ends up the trains were running funny so instead of taking one all the way into the city, I just went two stops and then had to sit on a bus for an hour. Busses, myyyyyyyy favorite. Except not. So totally completely absolutely not. Best part of my morning was getting off the bus and onto solid ground. 

When Lita drove up I hopped in her car and off we went towards Ballarat. We were off to a good start for the weekend, by which I mean we were running late and made a wrong turn within the first 30 minutes. When it comes to adventure, plans are meant to be stomped on, discarded, and/or generally destroyed. 

In Ballarat we picked up Casey and all his gear. And then on to the Grampians! A quick stop in Ararat for food and a couple wrong turns later, we arrived at out campground. We stayed just north of Halls Gap at the (free) Plantation Campground. Other than the loud neighbors, it was a nice place to stay a few nights. We claimed a space and settled in.

After the tents were up we grabbed out gear and hoped in the car again, flipping through a climbing guidebook to select our afternoon’s destination. While debating the merits to various spots, we stopped briefly in town for ice cream. Ends up this town not only knew I was coming, but also had so much excitement they decided to honor my arrival in the best way possible: Naming an ice cream flavor after me. Don’t believe it? Check this out:


That’s right. Ginger Megs. Just so happens I’ve recently fallen in love with the flavor of ginger too. Clearly named after me. Yup. No other possible explanation. 


Coconut on top, Ginger Megs on bottom. Delish! 

After the discovery of my very own ice cream, we settled on a place to climb. We headed towards the crag following a combination of google maps and the navigation tips in the book.

Or we tried to

We never really made it to a crag… 


But we drove on some fun dirt roads and saw some cool views. Pulled off at The Balconies and took in the view. 


Just look at that view o.O


A fox tried to become my friend, but really he just wanted my chips. He was cute, but I don’t like to share my food (not to mention LNT) so I just stared at him as I savored each bite of salty goodness.


No food for you Mr. Fox!

There was a fair bit to check out at this look out and we ended up hanging out until sunset. 


New friend Lita taking in the view


Casey looking cool standing on a neat rock


I love the way Lita’s hair perfectly drapes over her shirt, revealing just “I Am” 


In case you were wondering why the lookout is called The Balconies


I often think of Alessandro, the friend I made in Hawaii, during sunsets. He was spending several weeks travelling around the States and I remember him saying he had only missed one sunset since arriving, and the one he missed was the night he arrived. Finding a good spot and then sitting down to watch the sky change colors is wonderfully peaceful and I admire Alessandro’s dedication to taking a moment of meditation and appreciation. 


Same view, different sky


I’m telling you guys, these sorts of sunburst shots are becoming my favorite


In the evening I borrowed a nice picnic blanket from Lita and scoped out a quiet spot for yoga. I pulled out my phone and opened my YouTube app, where I had saved the practice videos I would need for the weekend. Or, I should say, where I -thought- I had saved the videos. Ends up they didn’t actually download -_-

But no worries! I have data! And service! I’ll just download today’s video now. Yeah, that’ll work!

And then the phone dies. With 44% battery life left

Damn you glitchy iphone 😡

So I didn’t do yoga today guys. I’m sorry :/ I’m pretty disappointed in myself actually. I was really hoping to actually do 31 uninterrupted days only to be thwarted on day six. I keep meeting challenges with this goal I set and it’s just frustrating. 

But I have a plan! I will post my four day weekend over just two days so by the end of Monday I will be all caught up 🙂 

Love xoxo


And here’s a selfie of me with the latest addition to my hat collection. Less snazzy than my usual style, but a girl needs to be casual too. Especially one who prefers living in the dirt. 

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