March 9th

Still no pictures y’all, I’m sorry. Juddie and Godfrey have lent me an old iphone 4, which I am so so so so so thankful for. Godfrey had to spend quite a while this evening working to unlock the device and make it usable. But it wasn’t ready until late in the evening. 

Today I did Revolution – Day 5 – Practice Rhythm, which I was very excited to start for obvious reasons. But I found it surprisingly difficult. Even though I am very connected to and aware of my breath, I’m still figuring out how to sync my breath with my yoga movements. Some motions are starting to feel natural though, like exhaling when lifting up into downward dog. Yet while I’m making strides with my breath, I struggled to find a sense of rhythm within the practice. Something to work towards I suppose!  

Thursdays Dash goes to kinder (American 4/5 year old preschool). So just Orlando was home most of the day. He was very excited for his friend’s birthday party that evening. After we picked up Dash from kinder, we headed to the party. I just dropped off Juddie and the boys and then drove about 30 minutes to the nearest outdoor store. I had to purchase some fuel for my camp stove.

That’s right

I’m going camping

Oooooooooh yeeeeeeeah 🙂

I’m taking a long weekend, Friday through Monday, to explore The Grampians. I’m going with some people I’ve connected with using the Melbourne Rocking Climbing Facebook page. Our plan is to do some rock climbing on Friday and Saturday and then hiking on Sunday and Monday. So stoked! 

Anyways, white gas (the fuel I use for my MSR whisperlite stove) is not called white gas in Australia. It’s called shellite. This caused some confusion, but one savvy clerk at the store did in fact know the American name so it was all sorted quickly. I also finally found a baseball cap I am okay with putting on my head, so if I ever get this new phone set to photograph you may see my latest hat 🙂 

Happy with my purchases and excited for my weekend, I drove back to the birthday party to meet Juddie and the boys. Ends up I missed quite the party. It was Fireman Sam themed and the mom throwing it made little cardboard fire trucks for all the kids attending. They also all got plastic fire chief hats. It was adorable! The best part? The kids got to bring their firetrucks home 🙂 I’m sure Dash and Orlando are going to love playing with their new toys.

So now i just have to pack and download four days of yoga. music, and podcasts onto the new phone in preparation for my  CAMPING TRIP 😀 😀 😀

Side note, the combination of the camping trip and the broken phone is why I started my daily posts late. See, I use the app A Color Story to edit my photos before posting them. I love this app because it really brightens colors that are washed out by the camera. I also find I can edit the photo to look more like real life or to better express the mood of the moment. Either way, my photos are greatly improved with the use of this app. Unfortunately I’ve become rather addicted to it. I really hate posting 99% of pics without editing them a bit first. And since I hadn’t yet gotten around to editing the photos from Sunday-Tuesday before my phone died and uploading posts from a camping trip is not a thing, I decided to start late. The good news is I didn’t lose any photos because my phone automatically backs everything up to google. 1 point for cloud computing 🙂

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