March 8th

Whelp, my phone got stuck in a boot loop today. I was trying to play music while doing dishes when it suddenly restarted. It’s stuck at the start up screen so my phone is basically a really expensive brick now. This happened back in August so I already know the solution- call AT&T and convince them to give me a new phone. Hopefully without costing me any money. 

But what are the chances of that? My phone is no longer under warranty and we all know how awful customer service is. Talking to AT&T customer service makes me want to take a sledge hammer and destroy some shit. So I was seriously dreading calling.

I spoke to a guy named Dalton and I have to say, he was dreaming. No, really. That is the best way to describe this guy. After explaining my situation, being across the world and all, he went and spoke to his manager. He managed to get special permission for me to get a new phone FO FREE. WOOHOO! I have to wait a bit before the phone actually gets to me, but at least I’m not out $700 to purchase a new one entirely. So yeah, Dalton from AT&T is dreaming ^_^

And as for now, Juddie and Godfrey think they have an old iphone lying around that I can use for the next month. But for today I have no pictures. Sorry guys :/

I did do Revolution – Day 4 – PRANA Practice video. So I made it to 4 days! That’s almost 5! 

Other than the phone thing, today was pretty low key. The kids were both in child care so I was mostly running around the house cleaning. When for a run through town. Talked to my parents. Chilled 🙂

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