March 7th

Tuesday means back to work! I must warm you, today’s photos will have adorable small children in them.

Started the day with Revolution – Day 3 – Honor Practice.

I’ve pretty much stopped morning runs and moved them to the afternoon/evening because the sun is rising too late for me to run and shower before breakfast. But I can do 30 minutes of yoga! (side note: I’m still running, they’ve just been moved to sunset instead of sunrise) 

Totally forgot to include this pic in the original post… oops

Juddie had a meeting in the city this morning so we packed up the car and headed for the beach (it’s Australia, this makes sense).


I’ve fallen in love with the ocean since living in Hong Kong. It’s not the same as my mountain love, but it’s still pretty strong. I also find myself really drawn towards the color blue


Blue skies, blue water, blue blue blue ❤

While Juddie was being a grown up, I played with Dash and Orlando in the sand. Orlando has developed a fear of the ocean (perfectly reasonable, considering the size of a 3 year old and the strength of waves) so he steered clear of the water. But Dash LOVES hopping in the waves. He really doesn’t go in past his knees, but he likes to hold my hand and jump over the waves. Very fun 🙂


Orlando squinting in the sun


Dash coming out of the waves


A moment of peaceful play between brothers ❤ ❤ ❤

The sea shells on the beach were colored burnt orange and dark blue. I started collecting a bunch to arrange in some artsy manner, only to have my materials stolen by an Orlando. So you’re just going to have to imagine the colors cause I don’t got no pictures




My constant reminder to be happy and appreciate life ❤

Just like in Castlemaine, I got distracted by the architecture. The buildings are too cool! Also, did you know these palm trees are date trees? Facts learned from a 4 year old ^_^


I’m becoming obsessed with taking photos involving intense glare from the sun

We unfortunately couldn’t spend much time at the beach. The kitchen is being renovated and we found out the company cutting the bench top finished a week early (I know, it’s a little hard to believe anything having to do with a renovation is done early. But hey, it can happen. Just usually doesn’t). So we ended up rushing back to Woodend.

Once back at the house, the boys went outside to play. I was trying to give them some space to play without an adult around while still having supervision. So I sat behind this bush and watched them through the branches #spynanny It worked for a bit! Dash and Orlando have been playing really nicely with one another the last week and it is wonderful to see them happily chatting away instead of fighting over toys and turns. 

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