March 6th

So I was not able to start my day with yoga. But DON’T WORRY. No need to jump to conclusions people. I just did the yoga in the evening ^_^

But before all that yoga I did something else. I finally made it out to Hanging Rock. Hanging Rock is basically a big hill with some weird rocks on top because volcanoes. AND it’s really close to Woodend (where I’m living). It’s actually a little ridiculous that it’s taken me 2 months to get there.

So anyways, new Aussie friend Daniel and I drove to Hanging Rock and hiked up to the top. Not only were the views great, but there was also some solid rock scrambling to be done. Looked like a bunch of good bouldering too, but the park doesn’t allow rock climbing and it’s not like I have a crash pad in the bottom of my suitcase.

Getting my work out in- hiking, yoga, and boulder lifting

Old Man Dan with some dramatic lighting

View of the fields below

Balance is super key when the flat bit of the rock you’re standing on is about the same size as your foot

More views 


When we got back down to the parking lot, there was a kangaroo. And while most kangaroos hop away from people, this one was super chill with humans walking around it.

The face of a kangaroo that gives zero fudge

Like, super chill

After hanging out with the kangaroo, Diel and I headed out. I went back to mine (a little bit of AUssie slang for y’all) and did Revolution – Day 2 – Practice Intention

Side note, aren’t those cushions (Aussie for pillows) awesome? This house is beautiful! 

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