March 5th

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been trying out this whole yoga thing. One of my friends who inspired me to try yoga did a 31 Days of Yoga dealio through a YouTube channel in January. Since the videos for the practice are online I thought I’d try it for March. I’d been planning since around mid-February to start on March 1st. And theeeeeeen I got the flu. Judge me if you will, but I postponed the start of my yoga revolution. I started the 5th instead. 

Since I’m pretty much terrible about keeping up with this blog consistently, I thought I’d pair this 31 Days of Yoga with 31 Days of Blogging. I’m going to make an effort to take more pictures each day and actually upload them here with some thoughts and stories. 

To make this achievable, I decided to upload each post exactly a week late. I know I won’t have time to do a write-up every day, but given a week I should be fine, right?


Like, so very very incredibly wrong.

As in, my FIRST POST is 2 days late. 

I’ll get into the details more later, but basically my phone pooped out on me last week. I try so hard to be good to my tech and then it just poops all over my life and plans -_-

Instead of dashing all my plans to the ground I decided to go ahead with it all, just a bit late. Within a week I should be caught up to the original schedule. So hoo-rah here goes!

I started Sunday the 5th with a quick run around the block and then did the first yoga practice, Day 1 – Practice Ease. I’ll talk more later about why I love Adriene so much, but for now I’ll just say why I loved this practice. She was very focused on easing the yogi at home into the mindset for the commitment to daily practice. 


Revolution Day 1 – Practice Ease – Yoga With Adriene

Being me, after 30 minutes of focusing on easy movement I promptly jumped into the shower and raced to get ready for my day out… Whoops. Don’t worry, I chuckled at myself in the moment too. It’s just I smelled SO BAD after my run. And it had been a while since I’d washed my hair and goodness knows the crazy curly mop on my head takes some time (and a buttload of conditioner) to tame when washing. 

After getting ready, I met up with another au pair, Maria. She’s with a family in a nearby town and we’ve hung out a few times. We jumped on a train to Castlemaine to check out the Artist Market held there. I LOVE all the markets here. There’s always cool stuff to see, good food, friendly people, and live music. Add that to being outside in the summer and you got one happy red head 😀


Maria and I on the train to Castlemaine! Sometimes my glasses get weird glares so my eyes look funny :/

Maria and I wandered the stalls for a bit and then snagged some seats near the musicians. I got a pizza, which we need to talk about for a minute. I mean, just look at it!


Pesto, mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms, and tomatos. Deeeeeeeelish! 

Is that not an AMAZING looking pizza? It tasted even better. And that’s the pizza you can get at a monthly small town outdoor market. It was made in a trailer. I mean jeeze these Aussies do not mess around with their food. 

The guys playing while we ate were fantastic. I was so very very happy. Here’s a taste of what they played:

After eating Maria and I wandered around Castlemaine back towards the train station. I kept getting distracted by the buildings. My favorite part is the iron work 


I’mma gonna need this sort of design on my house. When I buy a house. In that dream-land future of mine where I can afford to buy a house.


This freaking beautiful church is in a teeny tiny town in the middle of nowhere. As in it is surrounded by fields surround by fields surrounded by fields


Casual hedge in the middle of town


Alrighty, well that was day 1! See ya’ll tomorrow 🙂

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