Mait’s Rest Rainforest Walk

While at the beach, Juddie and I took the boys on a short walk through a bit of rainforest. It was amazing. My jaw dropped all of twenty steps in when I saw a tree as wide as the redwoods.

I was so happy

I really loved the furry trees. They’re completely different from what I’m used to seeing. So I took lots of pictures 

I mean what even is this?

Rainforests are neat

The boys had a great time looking at trees “wider than I am tall!” And then some were just absolutely insane. Like this giant tree that grew on top of another giant tree than has since rotted away. 

I mean that is a HUGE TREE on top of a HUGE HOLE

It’s hard to really capture the size of these trees in a picture, but here’s my attempt. I had to stand several feet away to get this shot. 

Although we had to continuously remind Dash and Orlando to use quiet voices, Juddie and I loved walking through the trees listening to the rain fall. 

And Orlando is too cute for words.

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