Cape Otway Lighthouse

While staying at the beach, the Boyds and I drove to a nearby lighthouse for some good ‘ol koala watching. 

We did, in fact, see some koalas. But they were very high and curled up sleeping, so I have no decent pictures. 

But I DO have some nice ones of our other explorations around the lighthouse! 

On the drive into the park, we kept seeing these completely bare trees. 

Completely white, dead trees in Cape Otway National Park

Kinda spooky, actually. We couldn’t figure out what would cause this. Fire? No burn marks. Salt in the soil? The trees on lower ground were still green. 

When we found  a park employee we got our answer- koalas did the damage. Their habitat has been greatly decreased, causing the population to congregate in a smaller area and destroy countless trees. 

Deforestation is a bad thing folks. 

The lighthouse itself was really pretty. Exploring historical places is a very different experience with two small children. They’re interested in completely different things. A bone from a cow in a sand pit gets more time than actual dinosaur fossils. And forget actually reading interpretive information. But it was most certainly a great time ^_^

The Boyds walking to the lighthouse

Plants! Ocean! 

The coast

I really love the water

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