I Am Mountain

I’ve recently been experimenting with practicing yoga. I’m
not yet sure how I feel about it, but this evening I had the thought to go for
a walk and find a flat spot to practice. I went ahead with the simple plan,
even though the yogi out in nature aesthetic is cliché. Changing into pants and
donning a sweatshirt, I stepped out into cool air. The waves, while out of
sight, could be heard crashing onto the shore. As that direction held the most
colorful sky, I followed my ears.

Down the hill, across the street, and onto the sand. My
chacos came off and my phone out of my pocket. This was too beautiful not to

Water reflecting sky

Unfortunately, I’m not very good with a camera. I wish I
could have captured the feel of the moment, not just the colors, shadows, and
light. Even with the ever present sound of the surf crashing, a sense of peace
rested over the land and water. I noticed my breathing slow and deepen. My eyes
widened to see everything.

As I searched for beautiful photos and a place to practice
yoga, I noticed a white fog across the bay. It looked as if wind was swirling
in that one spot, pulling up sprinkles of water and spinning them in the air.
My heart spoke- magic. My head could
not disagree.

There’s magic in the air

I settled into a flat spot and started the yoga video I had
previously saved to my phone. During the practice, the teacher asked us to
think “I am” and leave it open ended, listening for the end of the sentence. I
thought it one, twice, thinking myself silly, thinking this task hockey. I
thought it a third time, and the word “fearless” came to me. But no, that wasn’t
quite right. The fourth time- magic.

A smile came to me as I imagined breathing in the magic of
the white fog as my heels channeled the energy of the earth. I transitioned to
Mountain Pose, still thinking “I am,” still listening for the end of the sentence.
A new answer came- mountain. I am magic. I am mountain.

If you look closely you may notice a but of a white cloud towards the right. Something about that cloud was otherworldly

The sun continued to set and the sky darken. The yoga video
came to a close. I laid my head back and saw the stars. Beautiful, majestic

Not the best photo of the night sky, but I’m pretty happy with it considering I used my dinky phone camera. 

I watched them come in to the sky slowly. I looked upon my
friend Orion with a smile, wishing him peace in his eternal battle with Taurus
to reach the Seven Sisters. And once the sun was too far gone for me to see my
feet, I headed back towards the house.

Now the sound of the sea was unsettling. Each wave sent my
heart an extra beat. The trickling of the creek as it made its way to the ocean
caused my neck twist my head around, searching for monsters to fear.

And then I remembered. I
am magic. I am mountain.
Nothing can move me. A little water will not
destroy me.

Head tall, shoulders strong, I walked back to the house and

I am mountain.

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