Oh Hey Australia

Alright, now that my heart and head can bear to work on something other than politics, I would like to share with ya’ll how my life down under has been! Because it has been absolutely fantastic 🙂

For those who don’t know, I am an au pair for a beautiful family living in the country about 70km (43ish miles) from Melbourne. The parents, Justine and Godfrey, have two beautiful boys, Dash and Orlando. Not only do I have a bedroom to myself, I also got to UNPACK my backpack. You have no idea how good that felt after months of hostel life in Hong Kong!

Dash found a rock and Orlando got a chocolate ice cream cone. 

Speaking of contrasting Hong Kong, I am LOVING this country life. I wake up and look out my window past a beautiful garden with flowers and vegetables and fruit trees, past a quaint golden field with a large gum tree growing in it, and to a small mountain in the distance. I got for a morning run with cockatoos and kookaburras providing the soundtrack and kangaroos bouncing through the fields I pass. I tried strawberries at a farmers market that tasted like they had just been picked. Being an au pair I spend my days jumping on a trampoline with Dash and Orlando, pretending to be a dragon as they try to catch me. I’ve had time to run and do calisthenics every morning. Sunday I climbed for hours. I’m even trying yoga! Of course, the sun is so strong here I get burned in the time it takes me to hang my clothes out on the line, so I’m slathering on sunscreen like my life depends on it. But it’s a glorious dry climate. So nice and cool in the morning and pleasantly warm in the afternoon. Unlike the tropics, the shade is actually cooler than the sun.

Mornings run views

Being that I’m staying in place for 3 months, I probably won’t post very often. I’m hoping to ecplore a lot in my time off, but there’s a good chance that most of the pictures I have will be of Dash and Orlando. Sorry not sorry, cause they’re adorable.

Anyways, rest assured that I am surprisingly happy here. I’ve taken to small town country life quite well 🙂

Oh, and there are kangaroos here. Like, lots of kangaroos. 

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