Wash Your Hands

Anyone remember when I mentioned that Kyle was sick last Friday? He had gotten food poisoning with all the expected awful symptoms. It hit sometime during the night and took until dinner time for him to find the strength to walk anywhere. But the next he was fine, just a 24 hour deal.

So I woke up at 3am this morning. And immediately new something was wrong. My stomach was in knots, I felt sweaty and feverish. It became very obvious very quickly that there was no way I’d be able to walk to the front of the hotel to meet our ride, let alone get on a boat and do some scuba diving.

We think Kyle actually had norovirus, a very common strain of food poisoning that can also be passed from person to person.

This morning was miserable enough that I ended up calling my mom. She was the best and gave some good advice. Kyle was also a huge help. He opted to stay behind and make sure I was okay.

It was a huge bummer to miss out on our scuba diving trip today. Plus, today is the most beautiful day we’ve seen in Thailand and here I am, stuck in bed.

BUT I’m feeling marginally better and I’m sure a full nights sleep will fix me right up. Tomorrow is a flight to the Philippines. And we found a dive shop that is taking us on a two day adventure. We’ll get to finish up our Open Water dives and then do a few fun dives.

So good things ahead! But please, people, wash your hands

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