Oh my god Wednesday (the 19th) I got paid to attend a cooking class. That’s right, I got to learn local cooking techniques as part of my job.

I love my life.

It ended up we were short one stove so I didn’t have my own space. When Michelle, our teacher, taught the first step I walked around helping the kids with their knife technique. I then pulled out my notebook and started writing down everything Michelle was saying. Noticing this, she asked me if I liked to cook. When I gushed “yes” she offered to have me demonstrate all the steps while she explained.

When I stepped up to her stove and started following the instructions she gave all the kids got excited and surprisingly impressed. So that was really fun 🙂

One thing we really don’t experience in the US is the sheer variety of Chinese food. See, each region has its own style. Plus everything is grown locally. You’ll notice the facility we were in was surrounded by rows of vegetables and fruit trees. So all the food is super fresh. If you order a dish that uses ingredients outside of their growing season you get weird looks. But there are so many different vegetables and fruits. Basically, everything in China is delicious.

Did I mention we got to eat the food? Cause we did. And it was delicious (obviously, we were in China). We made steamed chicken, stir fried veggies and pork, egg dumplings, a cooked lettuce dish, and egg plant (I’m loving all the eggplant here. I’m so excited to start cooking eggplant in all the different ways I see it done across China). I still don’t like cooked leafy greens, so I took a bite of the lettuce and offered it to the others. But everything else was amazing. And not too difficult!

Now all I need is a wok and some bamboo steamers 🙂

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