On the 17th I first took the kids (with help from my wonderful logistician for the week, Jessica, and our fantastic support, Nicole) to Fuli Town for fan painting. It. Was. Amazing.

First we were shown how the fan is constructed. Then we were shown a couple of paint techniques. And then we got to paint our own fans! After some practice, of course. After the fans dried and were folded by the professionals, they were returned to us.

Fan making/painting used to be a huge industry in Fuli. All the materials necessary could be found in the surrounding valleys and the dry season in the fall caused the river to become too low for trade. So the people would spend the fall perfecting their fans and then sell when the water levels rose. At it’s peak, every family in Fuli had a fan painting business.

Bill Clinton actually bought fans in Fuli, causing a boost in tourism to the town. Pretty neat!

I wish we had fan painting as an option of the paint n’ dip events in the States 🙂

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