After the kids arrived in Yangshuo on the 16th, we went cormorant fishing. Or, a local went fishing and we watched mouths agape. Or, the teachers and I watched mouths agape while the students vaguely observed.

It was a beautiful night to be out on the boat. Watching the birds and the fisherman was very cool. The light on the boat helps attract fish and the cormorants swim just in front of it. When they catch a fish a string tied around their throats keeps it from being eaten. So their throats get real big. Once they’ve caught a few, the fisherman lowers a bamboo pole into the water which they climb atop. They spit the fish into a bucket and then start again.

The cormorants are raised by the fisherman from birth and supposedly treated like family. Its considered to be a sort of symbiotic relationship.

After we docked, I asked if I could take a picture with the fisherman and one of his birds. Next thing I know there’s a cormorant on my arm and a hat on my head. It was super awesome.

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