Sorry Guys- I Can Explain

So I called home last night (or yesterday morning, depending on if you’re asking my mom or myself) and was informed that several complaints had been lodged regarding the lack of updates on this blog over the last two weeks. First, I’m honored that someone (other than you mom ❤) is actually interested in what I’m up to. So thanks guys! Second, I’m sorry and I promise I have a good reason.

See, during training posting was eeeeasy. Didn’t have to worry about kids being in the pictures, had daily off time during the afternoon/evening to satisfy all the facebooking needs, had great wifi. I mean, yes, I either had to walk down two flights of stairs or find a McDonald’s (very prolific here, perhaps more so than in the States), but still. It was fast and I could use wifi and charge my phone at the same time.

I quickly learned that this situation was a luxury.

After two weeks of good internet I took a bus to the Qingyuan area in China. The first week there was all training still, so wifi time existed. However, the internet was… Difficult. I made it work with a combination of VPNs and patience. Do you remember the early 2000s? A time before the mighty Google claimed power, a time when sloths delivered the packages from server to server… I had blissfully forgotten those struggles. But no more. I remember once again the trials of the early 2000s. And it may be better now in some places, but not in Qingyuan.

Anyways, two Fridays ago I excitedly get back on a bus to return to Hong Kong. I would reunite with my good friends from training! I would be back in Cheung Chau! The decent internet was just icing on the cake.

But it was not to be. Cake was served, yes, but there was no icing. I was with my friends, I was in Cheung Chau, but I was not to have internet. No, the center we stayed at last week had no internet. And working programs meant no time to sneak across the island to McDonald’s.

But we had a guitar, a mandolin, and books. We didn’t need the internet.

The week ends and I go to Sai Kung and eat the most delicious pizza for dinner on Saturday. Then I board a bus to my accommodations for the weekend. Now, I do have a tendency to get motion sick on busses. But it’s manageable, especially with a happy stomach filled with pizza. So I wasn’t too concerned about the 20 minute bus ride. Until the bus started moving. Because at that point a loud and high pitched buzzing started and refused to shut up. Imagine giving the entire flute section of a marching band piccolos and asking them to play trills as high as they can. So you got all these piccolo folks playing trills on different pitches. Oh, and did I mention the bright headlights from oncoming traffic blinding my eyes through the windows? Now, I did discover what my own personal hell is, so I guess the bus ride wasn’t completely terrible. Gotta learn something new everyday, right?

Anyways, we get to my stop and I jump up, grab my bags and my wallet from the windowsill, and practically sprint off the bus.

It was several hours later when I remembered I had placed my phone underneath my wallet.

Yes, my poor phone was probably still sitting, lost and alone, on the windowsill of a bus driving around Sai Kung.

I call the customer service office for the bus company and am fortunately given the number for the lost and found. Unfortunately, the lost and found would not be open until 9am Tuesday morning because of the holiday.

Well fudge.

I decided not to worry, nothing could be done until Tuesday. And anyways, folks in Hong Kong are really nice. Plus my red Otterbox case is all scratched up and practically falling apart. No one would want to take it, right?

That being said, I totally set an alarm for 9am on Tuesday morning and called (on the company mobile I had been issued) the minute it went off.

I end up speaking to a very nice woman who asks for details about my phone and searches for a match in their lost and found log. She doesn’t find it but says they’ll call if it shows up.

Thus begins the most self deprecating (and not then comedic kind) two minutes of recent memory. How could I leave my phone on the bus? I haven’t even had it a year! A new phone is not an expense I want to deal with right now.

But then my company mobile rings! And it’s the bus company! “Is your phone in a red case that says O-T-T-E-R on it?”

YES! That’s my phone! Woohoo!

I write down the address of the building the lost and found is in, use the hostel iPad to look up directions, and drew something vaguely resembling a map on a scrap piece of paper to help guide my way.

Long story short, I got my phone back.

JUST IN TIME for program. So still no real time for posting.

BUT the kiddos left on the ferry this morning and I have nothing but a train ride tomorrow (back to China, but hey, I got patience with the interwebs). So I’m going to put together a couple of posts and set them on a timer for the next couple of days for your entertainment.

Assuming, of course, you’re still bothering with this after two weeks of nothing and then a ridiculously long excuse when “a dog ate my cell phone” probably would have sufficed.

Hope you’re all well!


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