Rock Climbing in China

Today was pretty neat. We scoped out an orienteering course for next week’s program this morning and then did some rock climbing. After lunch we toured the Pan Family Historic Site. The site was the living quarters of the Pan Family, feudal lords during the Qing Dynasty.

In the afternoon we tried working on plans for the next week with kids. We were all pretty tired though and not everyone was contributing. It was frustrating trying to work with the ones who were sitting silently or only offering quick-fix solutions that were of a poor quality. We wrapped up what we were working on in a very unsatisfying way (to me). I feel like we let out own tiredness and lack of motivation interfere with designing a quality program for the kids.

BUT we still have several more days to plan. I hope we can talk about what happened today at some point and develop something better.

This team is very different from Mui Wo. In our little island village, we all bonded very quickly. The team in with now is less open. Obviously, Lorienne, Devin, and I are very close, but I’m hoping to get to know the rest of the team we’re with better over the next few days.

Photos of the new teammates are coming soon!

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