Training in China

Wait… Still talking about training? Hasn’t it been, like, 2.5 weeks already?

Yes, yes it has. And I’m still getting paid to play 🙂

Devin, Lorienne, and I took a bus out of Hong Kong yesterday. The border crossing involved getting off the bus, carrying all our stuff across, getting back on the bus, getting off the bus again to carry our stuff through customs, and then getting back on once more. Quite the process.

Once a fair bit into mainland and off the bus for good, we were greeted by a Dragonfly driver and brought to the village we’re working in. The mountains here are insane (the climber inside of me is screaming to CLIMB ALL THE THINGS). The village is filled with kind people who have just as much fun as we do trying to communicate with no common language or culture to build on. We have successfully bought ice cream twice now, so all is well (also, it was super cheap).

Today we did some training- bike riding and visiting an elderly home we will later do community service at. The bike riding was a blast. This area is very rural, allowing for some fun off-roading 🙂

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