Playing Catch-Up: Training Days 3 & 4

Alright, let’s talk about the last couple of days.

On the 4th we did some cycling. Again, not really an activity we needed much training for. Being shown the route we’ll take the kids on and the area we’ll teach them how to ride was definitely useful. It ends up that We are pretty clumsy as a collective group (it’s not just me!). When we stopped at down waterfalls to explore, two of us fell (okay, so I slipped. TONY fell. Hard. And far. But he bounced back up and was strangely unharmed). And our boss, Tertius, got caught on a wire poking out from a fence and ate it pretty bad. But he was pretty much alright too.

On the 5th, while Americans were getting ready for Memorial Day festivities, we did some stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Another trainer came to Mui Wo to work with us, Jaisha. He taught us not only how to SUP, but also many strategies for how to build a successful SUP session that gets the kids doing as much as possible and builds tasks in such a way to facilitate success. Very useful information.

It started raining pretty early in the day, but it wasn’t much of an issue considering we were already in the ocean. Unfortunately, when we broke for lunch we started to hear thunder. So we had to cut our training short by a couple of hours. Admittedly, we weren’t too upset. This meant 1, we would get to do more SUP later and 2, we could all go shower and put on dry clothes.

We eventually walked our clean, dry selves to the flat were much hanging out and shenanigans commenced. When those of us starting at MRC headed back around midnight, we were prepared with gloves so our stone wall jumping did not include quite as much bleeding this time.

Now today (the 6th) is a day off!

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