Training Day 2- Kayaking and Other Shenanigans

Today, we learned to kayak.

Okay, so we already knew how to do that. We actually just played around in kayaks and called it training. There was lots of chasing and racing and flipping over- good time had by all.

Training was over and done by 3:30. So that was pretty neat. We all grabbed beers at a 7-11 and sat by the pier drinking for a bit. The Mui Wo team is really coming together. Probably because of all the team bonding (read: beer) ^_^

We had dinner at the retreat center and then hung out a bit in our room. We practiced knots and sang songs #campinstructorlife It was a good time.

The team eventually walked back towards the pier to get ice cream (read: more beer. And ice cream). We found a place to hang out away from the hustle and bustle but still by the water. After much personal over sharing (in the name of team bonding, of course), we headed back for the retreat center.

Of course, we forgot the gate into the center locked at 10:30. And we arrived at about 10:45.

Luckily, there’s a bell we could ring.

Unluckily, nobody answered.

Long story short we jumped the fence, gave a blood offering, and made our way back to the room.

Overall an extremely good day.

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