Kyle and I met some fellow Dragonfly staff at the hostel, Brit, Siobhan, and Reese. So the five of us got up the morning of the 31st, found a bakery for breakfast, and started walking through the city. We found a train station and bought Octopus cards- the public transportation payment method. And then we could ride the train instead of walking- huuuuuuge plus in this face-melting humidity.

We took a train to the Chai Wan Road station and then walked from there to Shek O Beach. There were a lot of stairs. Like a lot. A lot a lot a lot. But the greenery was nice and we did eventually go downhill.

Once we dropped down into the village by the beach we stopped for some fresh coconut water. How fresh? Stick the straw in the coconut fresh šŸ™‚

The water was a very comfortable temperature and there was some nice shade by the sand. We also checked out some rock carvings thought to be about 3000 years old.

Eventually we headed back to the hostel and took some much needed showers. Dinner was followed by talking and joking in the hostel with some mandarin playing by Kyle. As Siobhan said, “A lovely day.”

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